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‘Productivity Does Not Wait, Why Should You?’

‘Productivity Does Not Wait, Why Should You?’

The world we live in, productivity does not wait and so it be told to myself and to you, why should you?.  With the timeline experience of professional work, one of the challenges of many was to balance life and work, new parents and or soon to be parents, always needed some time to care for their infants and or toddlers.  I myself gave a reasonable amount of allotted time to self development.  During my college days it was 2x jobs and going to school, parties and hanging out was not in the foreground, yes I moments where I found myself, this sucks!  people are out and about and I’m here hitting the books and sitting in front of the computer page by page learning new skills for self development.  My time dedicated to such practices started at 16 yrs old, working as a bus boy & floating between the corporate environment doing clerical work, from filing folders to data entry.  A 16 yr old doesn’t know much yet, but will feel envious of others that are just hanging out and having a smile or two with friends, but I stopped and thought to myself, while you guys are spending, I’m making money, or it was more of a ‘I don’t have a choice’  My family was never well off financially, mom and dad providing for 4x children, almost 5x, made due with the amount of resources, maybe I was a little spoiled by my siblings being the baby of the family, but that is brotherly and sisterly love, caring and nurturing for the young.  I have and had big dreams, things that never came to fruition linger in my mind, but hey make due and #justdeliver.  Not matter. how hard life gets, Just deliver your skills and trait, and see what you can bring to the table.  So the whole statement stands as….

Productivity Does Not Wait, Why Should You?  Just Deliver!

So as for today, just deliver and provide the goods needed and wanted by others.  Be humble and grateful for what you have.

~ Johnny W. Lam