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A walk to remember, not the movie!

#WWPW2017 (Worldwide Photowalk 2017)

With the abundance of camera’s in todays market with various outlooks and perspectives, todays challenges in the market space for photography not only continues to challenge the everyday novice photographer to professionals and professionals alike. This year during the worldwide photowalk, I took on a challenge to convey a message to the fellow photowalkers, who all brought their DSLR’s along with other accessories, with that being said I only brought my Smartphone (Lumia 950) Manfrotto Pixie tripod and my Mefoto adapter. That was my arsenal for the photowalk, the main reason as of why I did such a thing is to convey a methodology and perspective of todays photographic outlook. A vast majority of people who dwell into photography will always do their research, like any other student willing to learn the traits of the craft, the core essence of photography is not only to understand light and to be able to capture to convey the time, place and subject, the medium output, which plays an integral role in todays distribution points will serve as a means of perception, stock / substrate will always be welcomed as a medium for viewing, the craftsmanship behind an impression on stock with translate into that memorable and tangible memory. Print on screen, while utilizing your screen of any device, may it be a TV, computer monitor, smartphone, tablet, will not deliver that same ambiance of understanding light. With the massive allotment of photos online as a distribution point (FB, INSTA, TWITTER, Blog, Journal, etc.) all are great, but! yes but. Reviewing and appreciating someone’s work via smartphone will never convey the true meaning of the intent of the photographer as it is not true to life during the photographer’s view, whatever is printed on screen is just a viewport of medium, smartphones are great for fast review, but can never replace substrate / stock i.e. I can take the same photo viewed on a smartphone and then view the same picture on a 30+ size screen the experience is that much better on the 30+ inch screen, let alone when printed on stock and displayed to match a décor alone with the story it builds the integrity of the craftsmanship behind the work of the photographer, understanding the end-2-end process and or processes that goes into the amount of work takes more than just a slider, preset, and or batch process. Understanding the foundation and its core principles for delivery, no matter what distribution point, will tell the same story. One foundation point that I use on a daily basis for photography is “Shoot For The Memories & Make It Yours” all the memories since your first push of the shutter / clicker to the day of a memory. Your timeline existence with the cohesion of tools to utilize and make that timeline into a memorable package, delivers an excellent story with emotion, time, date, view and so forth. Software, such as Adobe Photoshop, LR, GIMP, On1, etc. is your digital darkroom, etching, burning, dodging, masking, stripping is still all the same process, but in the digital form. During the walk I got the chance to explain to many the reason as to why a mask is red, I gave the clue ‘Ruby Duby’, ask Matt K. as we laughed about it online. Since film developers in the darkroom during  the early days of mass marketing and advertising making composites was always a creatives non-compromised outlook to convey art. Rubylith a red transparent film type was used to strip and mask other portions of an image that cannot be done traditionally with in-camera techniques. The whole process was cumbersome as many would use tape, a razor knife, burn, dodge and etch selective areas for a compiled visual message.  The moral of this write up it to use the tools of the trait to the best of your knowledge, understanding foundations will only get your further, but know the limitations of such tools also as no product is perfect nor one will ever be.  Work with-in your budget and scale, be yourself not someone else.  One other thing I would like to share, understand if you just go into photography and think you can start a business right off the back, then your passion for photography just way down, the daily grind will not be a pleasant one.  A few snaps from the walk below.  Till next year….


Thanks walkers & KelbyOne.



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