DSLR Mirrorless Mobile TIPS

Quick Pro Tip with PeakDesign “Failover / Failsafe With Capture Pro”

For the past couple of years, I have been utilizing the Capture Pro clip along with the Capture Lens clip, with a do it yourself failsafe extension that serves as a means of rapid release and capture, especially in the city streets. One of the key components of capture is the ability to serve as a hands-free replacement for the OEM and or 3rd party neck strap, however a couple of key extensions that play a very integral part of utilizing such an add-on for your camera gear, 1x the Capture Pro Clip serves as intended, fully enabling your camera to be secure with 2x locks for quick release and failsafe tampering, although those 2x are great however, what happens if you miss inserting your camera onto the clip, there goes not only your camera but also the lens and any other add-ons. In country side exploration with Capture Pro Clip, many photographers are situated with many facets in the wilderness and concerns of the environment, a notion into the operational conditions, any environment with high altitudes will make you think on how you are operating, as a photographer the importance of getting the shot with a one second window counts (make or break) situations. So this is what I have done to fully secure my camera, lens or lenses, my very own do it yourself which puts me at ease, in any situation for operational navigation with my camera.

As you can see I have a typical setup, however if you notice the 2x Velcro straps and the #Peakdesign Leash hooked over the bag handle and then connected, which gives me the flexibility to release capture and put back and if missed, dangle.