A walk to remember, not the movie!

#WWPW2017 (Worldwide Photowalk 2017) With the abundance of camera’s in todays market with various outlooks and perspectives, todays challenges in the market space for photography not only continues to challenge the everyday novice photographer to professionals and professionals alike. This year during the worldwide photowalk, I took on a challenge …

Join Me for – A walk to remember {Not the movie :)}

Hey guys & gals: Once again for the 5th consecutive time, join me via the @kelbyone WWPW17′ (World Wide Photowalk 2017).  Please register and RSVP your spot for you along with a friend, everyone must register to enter for prizes.  Check out the details via http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/a-walk-to-remember-not-the-movie-p/